Turkey has steadily been developing its capacity to produce good quality industrial goods. The electricity sector, where quality and safety have been the determining assets, requires production of up-to-date material to meet the needs of our contemporary lives.
With this vision, TEM Technical Electrical Materials Industry and Trade Inc. was established in 1991 to produce plugs & sockets and junction boxes.
We still pursue our operations to realize with the same targets. Our experience has placed TEM as one of the leaders of the market with our capacity to develop new products and our attention on following the growing market necessities.
Our range of products includes CEE NORM plugs and sockets, single phase plugs and sockets designed according to different standards, rubber plugs and sockets, combination boxes available on request, sealed thermoplastic junction boxes, plastic distribution boards, modular aluminum multi-sockets, cable pulleys etc.
TEM, becoming a global brand, is now available in several countries. For this purpose, we are offering you solutions, in conformity with divers standards, by examining customer requirements with a global perspective.
Fully aware of the significance of our job in the comfort and safety of people, we are determined to extend our range and to improve the quality and safety of our products. Our Research and Development department renew their work with this vision.
Our main target is to continuously improve our quality by attaching importance to our quality control operations and to respond efficiently to customer requirements. In this direction, our certificate operations are proof of the trust in us. Besides the trust in our products, the solid structure of TEM Company is also certified: EN ISO 9001: 2008.
We are your reliable partner in providing you with specially tailored products to be delivered in time with competitive prices and with our company’s guarantee.
Sincerely yours…


To meet the needs and expectations of our customers,
To bring innovative products to the electrical materials sector,
To be a globally recognized brand in the sector by producing high quality products in accordance with national and universal standards with advanced technology and teamwork.


To increase the worldwide recognition of our products and brand,
To present new products to the market
with our experience and flexible structure, Improving product quality and manufacturing processes to increase customer satisfaction.

   Our Service Policy

In order to provide fast, accurate and reliable products, our Company TEM TEKNIK ELEKTRIK MALZEMELRI SAN VE TIC AS acts with an innovative understanding with its experienced and friendly personnel that attaches importance to team spirit;,
to be an institution, that adopts continuous development as a principle, with the trust in the company and the quality of the products, that everyone will prefer to cooperate;,
to establish, implement and continuously develop an effective quality management system in order to provide quality products and services to its customers;,
to increase customer satisfaction by continuously meeting product quality and performance expectations;,
to comply with all environmental and legal requirements related to occupational health and safety in the process of achieving the objectives;,
with the awareness that the key to success in achieving the goals is in employees, we strive to maintain a peaceful, participatory and open working environment.

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